What Is The Best Plagiarism Checker For Bloggers – 9 Reviews (2024)

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Unauthorized copying another person’s work is known as plagiarism, which can be problematic for bloggers. If you are posting unique stuff on your blog, you must be sure that you are not unintentionally plagiarizing someone else’s work. So what is the best plagiarism checker for bloggers?

Plagiarism Checker For Bloggers

Additionally, you should examine the text for plagiarism before publishing if your site has several writers. Duplicate material could also hurt how visible search engines find your website. The top plagiarism checkers for confirming the authenticity of your blog content are discussed in this post. 


Students, webmasters, writers, and anybody else who works in their respective industries are negatively impacted by duplication. Students should utilize a Plagiarism checker as a preventative step to avoid plagiarizing. In several universities, plagiarism or academic dishonesty is frowned upon. Some institutions can impose sanctions, such as expulsion from the university. The SERP rating of a website determines its success. Search engines won’t consider the content on your website to be original if it has been copied. Thus, they won’t give it a higher ranking. You should ensure that none of your website’s content has been stolen. 

Grammica Features: 

  • Because SSL encryption is used, it is very secure. 
  • The search method used by the similarity checker is complex. 
  • Completely accurate outcomes from plagiarism detection software 
  • A plagiarism checker was created especially for writers, professors, and students. 
  • Millions of people rely on plagiarism scanners worldwide. 
  • It produces immediate results and is entirely free to use. 


Grammarly finds errors in your writing as well as plagiarism in your content. It analyses the precise text you enter into the program with many online pages to find plagiarism. To pinpoint the passages that demand citations, it also compares them to the ProQuest academic database. Additionally, the tool will offer grammar, tone, and other comments. Overall, this is an excellent tool for improving the caliber of the content on your site. 

Grammarly Features 

  • Quickly identify plagiarism in your writing. 
  • Think about the content of the ProQuest database and a considerable number of web pages. 
  • Enhance your word choice, phrase structure, and grammar. 
  • It helps you raise the caliber of your material. 
  • Grammarly’s premium plans for single users start at $11.66 per month. 


One of the most reliable Plagiarism Checker Tools is offered by Copyscape. You can upload a Word or PDF document and copy and paste the content. You can check more than 10,000 pages of your website at once with the help of the tool’s Batch Search feature. This tool can also be used to check your own website for duplicate content. You can also choose to exclude popular websites from the search. 

Copyscape Features 

  • Quickly and easily check your blog’s content for plagiarism. 
  • Upload the file or copy and paste the content. 
  • Manage several instances of plagiarism simultaneously. 
  • Team up with more editors. 
  • The API integration enables automatic plagiarism detection. 


This is another easy technique for identifying plagiarism in blog posts. It thoroughly scans web pages, documents, and articles to produce the best results. By deleting the scanned text from the user’s computer as soon as it is discovered, the tool safeguards the privacy of its users. You can upload a file in various formats or copy and paste the content into the tool. Additionally, it helps with content rewriting and grammar checks. 

DupliChecker Features 

  • The plagiarism checker employs AI-based technology and deep scanning. 
  • Direct text pasting and file upload are two methods for adding text. 
  • Help with writing improvement 
  • The privacy of users is ensured. 
  • DupliChecker’s pricing packages start at $10 per month. 

Check Plagiarism 

Check-plagiarism, which can identify every copied line from the content, is another highly regarded plagiarism detector. It evaluates the information the search engine provides and immediately identifies any content that corresponds to other sources. This duplication detector also offers the source of the site to which the lines are matched. Even though the findings generated by this program are trustworthy, it gives a money-back guarantee if a user is unhappy with the outcomes. 

Check Plagiarism Features 

  • Publish truthful reports 
  • The straightforward UI will be understandable to every person. 
  • It provides customers with a plagiarism report as well as keyword density information. 
  • In premium plans, it provides 5000 search queries for $10. For $50, you can reach 75000 search results. 

Check for Plagiarism By Copyleaks 

This is a thorough instrument for identifying plagiarism in more than 100 languages. It uses artificial intelligence to identify copied and paraphrased content successfully. The tool offers automatic comparison searches and easy-to-understand reports with great detail. A grading tool, code plagiarism detection, and platform integrations are also included. 

CopyLeaks Features 

  • A complete plagiarism detection tool with file comparison and artificial intelligence grading. 
  • The detection of paraphrased text is being done using machine learning technologies. 
  • There are many different search options. 
  • Providing thorough reporting. 
  • Pricing plans for Copyleaks start at $8.33 a month. 

Check for Plagiarism From Small SEO Tools

Another well-liked plagiarism detector for identifying copied text is available from SmallSEOTools. Use this free plugin to integrate it with your WordPress website and make sure the posts you’re about to publish are genuine and original. With just one click, you can check your text for plagiarism; sentence-by-sentence checking is also possible. The plugin can also be used to confirm the validity of earlier posts. With the premium plans, the plugin also comes with advanced features. 

Features OF Check for Plagiarism From Small SEO Tools

  • Compare your content to the vast majority of websites from around the globe. 
  • Allows for the upload of documents in a variety of formats. 
  • It offers simple sharing options and supports multiple languages. 
  • Simple to compare closely to texts of a similar nature. 

Secure copying and content locking Protection of Content 

This WordPress plugin can help you stop people from stealing your material. You can turn off the ability to select, right-click, and copy material on your website to deter content theft. You can use it to help your website’s examine elements option be disabled. The plugin helps you increase your search engine presence while safeguarding copyright information effectively. 

Secure copying and content locking Protection of Content  Features 

  • Disable right-click, selection, and copy to stop material from being copied from your website. 
  • Information about an individual is better guarded. 
  • Enable password-protected content lockout by using a short code. 
  • It is possible to schedule when restricted content will appear. 
  • You can disable properties in the premium version depending on a variety of criteria, including geography, IP address, user roles, and so forth. 


Another helpful tool for identifying plagiarism in blog postings is PlagScan. It is easy to use because you can check for plagiarism with just a few clicks. The utility also accepts practically all file formats. Furthermore, because the uploaded text is not unintentionally shared with any third-party users, PlagScan offers excellent data security. The tool has advantages for both people and businesses. 

PlagScan Features 

  • Exact results for plagiarism detection. 
  • Documents that have been compared are shown side by side for better visibility. 
  • Easy to use. 
  • Security of data is guaranteed. 
  • Providing thorough reporting. 
  • Plans for individual PlagScan start at $5.99 for 6000 words. 

Final Thoughts On The Best Plagiarism Checker For Bloggers

There are many different blog plagiarism checkers for guest posts nowadays, which is great, but of course, you don’t want to spend all day doing them because then what will you do for the rest of your blog(s)? But these are some of the best that I’ve found. We can even find our own article’s presence on a popular blog and see the usage of it by our competitors. Personally, I use the WordPress plugin – WP-Clean.

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