Taking Pets Southwest’s Rules on Pet Carrier Dimensions

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As pet owners, the desire to bring our beloved four-legged friends along on our travels is almost irresistible. Fortunately, Southwest Airlines recognizes this bond and has crafted a pet policy allowing in-cabin pet travel. However, amidst the excitement of planning a trip with your furry friend, paying close attention to Southwest’s pet carrier size regulations is crucial. In this blog post, we will briefly overview Southwest’s pet policy, emphasizing the importance of adhering to the airline’s specific dimensions for pet carriers. Understanding these regulations is key to ensuring a smooth and stress-free journey for you and your pet. 

Southwest’s Pet Policy

Southwest Airlines warmly welcomes pets on board with their pet-friendly approach. Traveling with your furry companion is made easy, but it’s essential to grasp the key regulations. Southwest allows small pets in the cabin, requiring a pet carrier that meets specific dimensions. Understanding these regulations ensures a seamless journey. Discover the airline’s commitment to pet-friendly travel and the necessary guidelines for a stress-free experience with your beloved pet by your side.

Types Of Pets Allowed

Southwest Airlines accommodates small dogs and cats as the primary types of pets allowed in the cabin. The booking process for traveling with pets involves indicating your furry companion’s presence during the reservation. It’s crucial to secure a spot for your pet as Southwest limits the number of pets per flight. 

Additional fees apply for pet travel, with a separate charge for each leg of the journey. Passengers should familiarize themselves with these charges to plan accordingly. Southwest’s commitment to pet-friendly travel extends beyond a warm welcome, ensuring a transparent process and fair pricing for passengers traveling with their beloved pets.

 Role of Pet Carriers

The role of pet carriers is pivotal in Southwest’s commitment to safe and comfortable pet travel. Southwest requires the use of carriers, specifically designed with Out Paws in mind, to ensure the security of pets during the flight. The link between carrier size and in-cabin storage constraints is crucial, as the carriers must fit beneath the seat in front. This constraint guarantees the well-being of both pets and passengers. By adhering to specific carrier dimensions, Southwest aims to streamline the boarding process and maintain a pet-friendly environment. Understanding the significance of Out Paws pet carriers in this context is essential for a smooth and enjoyable journey with your furry companion on Southwest Airlines.

Safety And Comfort Of Pets

Ensuring the safety and comfort of pets during air travel is a top priority for responsible pet owners and airlines alike. Properly securing pets in airline-approved carriers, designed to meet safety standards, is essential. Adequate ventilation, sturdy construction, and a comfortable interior are key considerations.

 Additionally, familiarizing pets with their carriers before the journey and keeping them calm with familiar items can reduce stress. Airlines, including Southwest, enforce strict guidelines to guarantee the well-being of pets in transit. By prioritizing these measures, pet owners can contribute to a positive and secure air travel experience for their beloved companions.

Unveiling The Strict Dimensions

Unveiling the strict dimensions of pet carriers is crucial for smooth travels with Southwest. The airline provides official guidelines specifying the permissible size for in-cabin pet carriers. Adhering to these dimensions is essential to ensure the safety and comfort of both pets and passengers. 

Understanding Southwest’s regulations regarding pet carrier size guarantees a hassle-free journey, allowing pet owners to navigate the skies confidently while complying with the airline’s standards for a secure and enjoyable travel experience.

Variations For Different Aircraft Models

Pet owners flying with Southwest should be mindful of variations in pet carrier dimensions across different aircraft models. Southwest’s guidelines may slightly differ based on the specific plane you’re traveling on. Non-compliance with these variations can lead to consequences, such as denied boarding or additional fees. It’s crucial to check and adhere to the carrier size requirements corresponding to your flight, ensuring a harmonious travel experience for both you and your furry companion on any Southwest aircraft.

Selecting The Right Pet Carrier

Selecting the right pet carrier for Southwest Airlines involves understanding the specific dimensions outlined by the airline. Southwest has clear guidelines for in-cabin pet carriers, emphasizing the importance of accuracy in measurements. When choosing an airline-approved carrier, ensure it complies with Southwest’s regulations, providing a secure and comfortable space for your pet. 

Measuring accurately before travel is vital to prevent any issues during check-in. Following these tips guarantees a stress-free experience for both pet and owner, as the chosen carrier not only meets Southwest’s standards but also ensures a smooth journey for your furry companion on board.

Real-life Experiences

Real-life experiences of Southwest passengers traveling with pets offer valuable insights. Success stories highlight the smooth journeys achieved by adhering to pet carrier size regulations, emphasizing the importance of compliance. On the flip side, challenges faced by those who didn’t follow guidelines serve as cautionary tales. Learning from these experiences provides a practical understanding of the significance of adhering to Southwest’s regulations, ensuring a positive and trouble-free travel experience for both pets and their owners.

Tips For A Smooth Journey

 For a smooth journey with Southwest and your furry companion, meticulously check carrier dimensions before booking. Contact Southwest’s customer service for any needed clarification on pet travel policies. Planning ensures a stress-free experience, allowing you to navigate the skies with confidence, knowing you’ve taken the necessary steps to adhere to Southwest’s guidelines for pet carriers and create a comfortable journey for both you and your pet.


In conclusion, understanding and complying with Southwest’s pet carrier size regulations are paramount for a smooth travel experience. This recap underscores the importance of responsible pet travel, emphasizing the need to adhere to guidelines for the safety and well-being of pets and fellow passengers. 

As we bid farewell, let’s embrace a culture of conscientious pet travel, ensuring that every journey with Southwest is enjoyable, stress-free, and respectful of the airline’s policies, creating positive experiences for both pets and their devoted owners.

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